Lisa Samalin (Installation Art)

2018 Festival

“At the Juncture of Dark and Light”, an interactive installation, takes place in a dome shaped tent which has been transformed. A 360 degree scenic landscape is painted on the outside of the tent. Midnight blue velvet with a sprinkling of rhinestones lining the inside of the tent feels like infinite night sky. There are two freestanding painted figures, a woman and the child she once was. She kneels holding the child near behind a painted campfire. Continuous night sounds of crickets and the crackling fire are a backdrop for the woman’s voice telling us the story of how the child/she was abused and how healing from that, overtime became a source of great beauty and strength.

For the workshop, please bring a photograph of yourself from any age infancy to the present that you can cut out. If possible bring a photo that shows your whole body but if not we can work with whatever you bring.


Painting on printed fabric lately is freeing. Canvas (even unstretched and sewn together canvas, as I’ve been doing for some time now) still has the gravitas of art history attached to it, largely male dominated art history at that, ending a generation’s long pattern. Subliminally you always have to ask yourself if what you’re painting on it is “significant.” Of course the printed pattern has its own cutural and emotional information which for now I’m enjoying bouncing off.

Making interactive installations (The Story Is in the Walls, The World Made New, Giving Out Apples in the Garden Of Eden, Lullaby For Donnie, At The Juncture of Dark and Light) – installations you can walk in to and are asked to do something in, feels key for me now as well.

They start to function as theater and ritual, which gets closer to what art is for me, namely the undefended expression of what I feel being alive is at any given moment and the desire to know what it is for you.

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