Below is a list of most of the artists that we have collaborated with since our inception. Please follow the links for more information about the individual artists.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information about workshops or presentations with any of the artists.

John Ollom (Artistic Director/Curator/Movement Artist)

Janelle Abbott Staley (Principal Dancer)

José Javier Peña Aguayo (Composer)

Janet Aisawa (Dancer)

Sol Amarillo (Video Editor)

Fiorella Armando (Movement Artist – Board Member)

Shari Berman (Videographer/Director)

Perry Brass

R. Bremner (Poet)

Christopher Burris (Director)

Gabriel Bienczycki (Cinematographer)

Gloria Castillo (Movement Artist, Workshop Presenter – Board Member)

Matt Clemons (Principal Dancer)

Tom Cleveland

Gary Michael Collins (Poet & Artist)

Annette Cyr (Painter)

Don DeMauro (Artist)

Regan Drouin (Halas) – (Mixed Media Artist)

Bonifacio Duran (DJ)

David Fischweicher (Sculptor)

Matthew Gayton (Costume Designer)

Yenick Gonzalez

Robert F. Gross (Artist)

Vaughan Grey (Cinematographer)

Amanda Hancock (Artist)

Jeannette Hardie (Movement Artist)

Shirley Hardie (Movement Artist)

Dana Heffern (Installation Artist/Set Designer)

Miriam Hendel (Sculptor)

Makiko Ishimori Sato (Principal Dancer)

Andrea Kramer (Guest Dance Faculty)

Jill Krutick (Fine Art)

Daisy Lopez (Workshop Presenter)

Dawn Ma and Theo Revlock

Neena Massey (Performance Artist, Workshop Presenter)

Lindsay Metcalf (Artist)

“Kat” Modiano (Flutist)

Sarah Moran (Dancer, Workshop Presenter)

Amber Nalle (Principal Dancer)

Dennis Nauert (Photography)

Richard Jeffrey Newman (Poet and Essayist)

John Ollom (Curator/Movement Artist)

Muriel Ote (Dancer- Soloist)

Camille Paccaly (Sculptor)

Amadeo Peñalver (Performance Painter)

Galen Passen (Sitarist and Composer)

Sophie Poletti DeVore (Dancer)

Jendi Reiter (Writer, Workshop Presenter)

Fred Riccardi (Dancer)

Jim Sable (Photography & Mixed Media)

Lisa Samalin (Installation Art & Workshop Presenter)

Barbara Hageman Sarvis

Rod Love Schichtel

Shungaboy (Workshop Presenter)

Jillie and Thomas Simon

Lynne Scott Constantine & Suzanne Scott Constantine (Interdisciplinary Artists)

Emily Stedman

Marlene Tholl (Poet)

Byron Utley (Artist)

Abbie Vachon (Dancer)

Miguel Villalobos (Dancer)

Em Winkler-Morey

Jae XYZ (Movement Artist)

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