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Dark Matter

Enter Dark Matter, a video art book that explores poems, aphorisms and images to lead you on John Ollom’s innermost journey.   This book is more honest than his first book Internal Landscapes. It reveals his own personal dark matter. Featuring the pictures of Jim Sable taken in Inwood New York during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I invoke the goddess as a projection of the dark matter, not as a place of demons and monsters, but a place of healing and revelation, a place of dark matter that has been ignored and undervalued.  I have seen the transformations.  I have witnessed her wisdom and I have followed the vibrations to a place of revelation”

John Ollom MFA, Author, Artistic Director & Art Journeyman 

“You are a healer!”

Sarah Moran, Flamenco Dancer & Goddess Healing practitioner

“This is art therapy on steroids.”

Brendan Rowe, Sexual Abuse Survivor and Activist

“Working with John Ollom opened up new pathways to express long suppressed feelings.  I found myself exploring life in new ways, new forms, new expressions that unlocked years of doubt and guilt.  Instead of dependence and shame, I began to know freedom and expression of my own personal truth.”

Gary Collins, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

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