Composition #1

Composition #1 – A Spirit of Color© Work

Composition #1 was created through four months of intensive work with Ollom Art movement artists Carlos Luis Vargas and Finn Francis using the Spirit of Color© process created by John Ollom MFA.

Over the summer of 2017, this work toured to the Leslie-Lohman Project Space on Prince Street in New York City, The Vortex in Austin, Texas and Soliphilia Farm in Greenwich, New York.

This Spirit of Color© work is based on the vibrations of our chakras, but it goes much deeper. It explores the diversity of our psychic and somatic complexity concurrently. It is pre-verbal in that no words are used to explore our human experience. The color gives us a new language to explore our vibrations and find a doorway into our repressed selves.

Composition #1 lives without music where the colors are the life force that we witness when we see this living sculpture. Each movement artist is unique and is encouraged to work with John to make art that is honest and revelatory.

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The film can be seen on the Ollom Art page on Vimeo along with other pieces we have presented.

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Composition #1 Film

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