Composition #1 Vortex

Ollom Art strives to provide quality artistic presentations that feature collaborative works with artists in diverse media.

We also present workshops to help the artist grow in their experience as an artist, whether professional or amateur

Composition #1 

Monday, May 29, 2017 at 8 pm


2307 Manor Road
Austin, Texas

Price: Free

Featuring Movement Artists: Finn Frances and Carlos Luis Vargas

The world premiere of this non-narrative performance art piece features two nude men exploring not only physical nudity, but emotional nudity. Colors shoot out as energetic interplay of our deepest dreams and desires. Witness a live moving sculpture of bodies twisting and yearning to find resolution in the spirit of color.

Created using the Internal Landscapes© and Spirit of Color© methodology developed by Ollom Art’s Artistic Director, John Ollom who is known for presenting works that ring with honesty and emotional truths.

Join us afterwards at the Butterfly Bar next to this living moving human sculpture.

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