Audition Call for Performance Artists, Dancers, and Actors

John Ollom, MFA the company Artistic Director, choreographer and author of the book Internal Landscapes has taught his methodology of self-expression and healing in workshops across the country since 2002. We are holding auditions by appointment and also open invites to his classes at Ripley Grier Studios for three upcoming works.

  • The first, collaboration with author and poet Richard Newman, explores the complexities of male vulnerability when men fight the toxic masculinity machine.
  • The second work explores women of color fighting back when society enforces racist and misogynistic views.
  • The third movement art piece explores the process of true healing when a man realizes he has been punishing himself. Defying expectations he finds a place of freedom in fighting other peoples’ expectations. This work requires many athletic and strong performers for physical work. There may nude sections for the male identified performers only.

Ollom Art has been producing works from Lincoln Center’s Clark Theater to art and film festivals in New York City and around the US since 2002. We proudly promote diverse body types, diverse sexual orientations and diverse races while encouraging authentic self-expression at all times.

The call is open to all sexual identities. All ages are welcome. All races are welcome. All sexual orientations are welcome. No dance or performance experience is required.

  • If you are a performance artist, we are looking for your intellectual and creative collaboration.
  • If you are a dancer, looking for technical choreography to be left behind, our Internal Landscapes© method looks for your honest authentic responses of emotion, and not choreographic shapes.
  • If you are an actor, we are looking to explore physical expression of emotions. Lines will be minimal. Spoken words may occur, but physical interaction is the primary mode of communication.

To set up an audition time, email

More info is on for John’s bio and class schedule.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to see more about our company here.

Ollom Art is a division of the not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation, Prismatic Productions, Inc., which was formed in 2003 to advance public interest in and understanding of issues of diversity; to educate, instruct and present to the public diverse art forms through performance, educational classes, symposiums, lectures, festivals, and similar activities; and, to provide artists of diverse backgrounds and forms with a forum to expose their works to the public.