2017 Gala

5:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Tickets $50 – if purchased by November 1st
$60 – after November 1st

Tickets can now only be purchased at the door.

The Ollom Art 2017 Gala is an evening filled with art from around the US, food, wine, refreshments and a live dance party in honor of our colleague Paula Mason.

The Paula Mason Dance Party starts at 7:30 pm


Dance Inspirations by DJ Boni D from Austin, TX

Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018

featuring ART works from:

Our 2017 Gala Artists:

Ollom Art presents works from our tour of Composition #1. Gala participants will receive special access to our video. For more information click here.

Christopher Burris (Director) presents an excerpt from Human Fruit Bowl by Andrea Kuchlewska. Structured as a live fine art modeling session, this immersive presentation invites us to draw the model as the work investigates the relationship between artist and model. Drawing pads will be provided or you may bring your own drawing materials. Contains nudity. For more information and bios click here.

Lynne Scott Constantine & Suzanne Scott Constantine (Interdisciplinary Artists) present There is a Crack in Everything: A Joint Memoir of Our Quest to Find the Light Leaks, a multimedia, multimodal talk/performance/joint memoir, will demonstrate how our individual and interwoven perceptions, memories, and commitments, our shared and separate brokenness, leads us to where the light gets in to where we can be of use. For information and bios click here.

R. Drouin (Mixed Media Artist) investigates the intersection of shamanic practice, embodied semiotics, (the resonance of symbol within the sensuous body) and creative practice. This body of work sees from two angles: the parallel practices of embedding text within substrate, (physically sculpting the image of an archetype) and entering an active journey into or dialog with an archetype through the medium of song. For information and bio click here.

Jeannette Hardie (Artist) presents a samples of her most recent work using John Ollom’s Internal Landscape© and Spirit of Color© methodology focusing on nature and people. For Information and bio click here.

Neena Massey (Performance Artist) presents a transcendent storytelling experience designed to convey a message of peace, love and hope. Neena’s performance art combines South Indian and Middle Eastern Dance movement, Qi Gong, electronic music, lyrical poetry and spoken word at times in English, Spanish, French or Urdu. This work will focus on movements that create love flowing through the sacral chakra. For more information and bio click here.

Lindsay Metcalf (Artist) presents works that straddle the line between emotion and reaction, with an awareness of where they intersect. Through printmaking and various mixed media techniques, these works explore the nature of interaction, both within and without. Through expressive mark making and texture, these pieces translate into intimate objects that invite the viewer to come close and become present with the work. For more information and bio click here.

Camille Paccaly (Sculptor) works with figures, and the language of the body to emanate human experiences. The sculptures present themselves as vulnerable, naked beings each experiencing a different slice of conflict. Themes such as obesity, old age, and weighted relationships press the viewer to relive these very real, but uncomfortable emotions. For more information and bio click here.

Galen Passen (Sitarist and Composer) performs “Araga”, a piece composed for musical instruments that have iconized two forms of classical music (Hindustani and European) that are representative of specific historical and cultural frameworks. “Araga” aims to dissect the concept of what is ‘traditional’ or ‘authentic’ and simultaneously asks the performers to explore the untapped potential of the sonic possibilities of their instruments. For more information and bio click here.

Byron Utley (Artist) presents drawings, color prints and other works he has created since his appearance in the Pulitzer Prize winning play “Rent”. For more information and bio click here.

and YOU!!    Bring your own creativity to our first ever RED CARPET!

Art works and products will be for sale.


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