Jim Sable (Photography & Mixed Media)

2018 Festival

Works presented here are from two projects. The first was one of the focal pieces of our presentation of “The Hole Project” in Phoenix, Arizona and features an bean bag chair and pictures from John Ollom’s interviews for “The Hole Project”. We ask you to immerse yourself in the “hole” and listen to some of the interviews on the headsets. The second set of pieces are from the “Under My Skin” which is a commentary on the photo-centric world we live in. Each photo was taken after connecting with each person through a one-on-one interview so that the artist was meeting each person and best represent them. Nudity was used to show that each person was baring themselves for the project. It is the intent of this project to help people connect more in a technological society that is quickly losing touch with interpersonal communication. Issues examined will include perceptions, sexuality, gender identification, gender, race, ethnicity, age and body image.


Jim truly believes that art is a powerful tool for change in this world. He is the co-founder of Prismatic Productions, Inc./Ollom Art and has served as it’s Executive Director since it’s inception. More information at www.JimSable,com

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