Fiorella Armando (Movement Artist)


Movement artist, dancer, reiki practitioner, creative passionate and empathetic soul.…
Originally from Uruguay. I began my journey with Ollom Art in 2019, after moving to New York, the place I have chosen as home as I seek growth as a person and artist, while connecting, sharing and exchanging with diverse people and experiences.    

Ollom Art provides a safe and encouraging environment that allowed me to express myself and to go deep in my self-knowledge search in different aspects. As well as a network of diverse members with the same desire to search for their own individual expression using interdisciplinary art, sharing it and supporting others.   

I personally experience art and spirituality as two connected paths. Working with John Ollom’s  Internal Landscapes© methodology, gives me the opportunity to explore and work with both aspects. This is a unique experience because it allows me to recognize and integrate different aspects and parts of myself as a whole and complex human being. My desire is to encourage healing through body movement, investigating how this takes place in myself and to use this knowledge and experience to support other’s growth, healing and free expression.

2020 Haus of Ollom (Movement Artist)

How to Time Space Travel

2019 – Haus of Ollom Experience (Movement Artist)

Composition No. 3