Fiorella Armando (Movement Artist)


Fiorella is an Uruguaian dancer, who first connected with movement through Latin Rythms and Samba, where she finds her roots and instinctive expression. Later, she started learning jazz,  ballet and bellydance. After finishing high school, she trained professionally in ballet and contemporary dance. And after joining a Ballet training program in NYC, she decided to move to the city. She has been a movement artist with Ollom Art since June 2019.  With Ollom Art she connects with the healing power of movement, combines it with her spiritual search through Reiki and Akashic Records techniques, and finds an opportunity to express her authenticity through  artistic creativity.

2020 Haus of Ollom (Movement Artist)

How to Time Space Travel

2019 – Haus of Ollom Experience (Movement Artist)

Composition No. 3