Neena Massey (Performance Artist)

Echo S P A C E, eMERGe, is about self-initiation and rebirth. The many inspirations for this piece take me on a slow walk through a prismatic kaleidoscope.  I needed healing, and I asked my body for answers. My intention is to create movement that heals and circulates my personal essence and feels incredible.

Echo S P A C E exudes physical, spiritual, emotional and mental transformation. It metabolizes years of repression into joyful life expression.  This piece has helped me discover several healing modalities that gently and tenderly allow for liberation, circulation and advanced healing.  It is an innovative point in my life, my art and my praxis studies.  The performance piece takes place within and throughout a portal, representing a timeless space of healing and renewal.

John Ollom’s book “Internal Landscapes” is an inspiration for eMERGe. His insight enhances the evolution of Echo S P A C E. His book beautifully interweaves written word, poetry and descriptive illustrations. John Ollom’s fascinating progression of performance art and methodology helps other performers heal. His work resonates with me on many levels.

For this piece I have created a hypnotic repertoire of relaxation and movement that allows bliss and love to flow through my entire being using aspects of Qi Gong, Middle Eastern and South Indian Dance as the main forms of movement. I’m delighted to express my passion, celebrate in new ways and share with you.


Raven Speak Performance Art is a creation of Neena Expressions. It is a transcendent storytelling experience designed to convey a message of peace, love and hope. This performance art combines South Indian and Middle Eastern Dance movement, Qi Gong, electronic music and lyrical poetry. I utilize spoken word at times in Urdu, Spanish, French or English. I incorporate various movement art. Immerse yourself into the sensual nature of Raven Speaks Performance Art! I am a current MFA-IA student at Goddard College. I study nutrition, therapeutic movement, wellness and natural healing modalities.