Ollom Art is looking for proposals of works from all mediums to be shown at our annual Ollom Art Gala on the weekend of November 10, 2018 in New York City.

We have a limited number of spaces to present works and are looking to feature new, emerging and mid-career artists. The 2018 theme is “The Hole: Mining Portals of Vulnerability”. We are looking for well-researched works on the theme. John Ollom explains: “This project encompasses inquiries into literal and metaphoric holes in our somatic bodies and our psychic selves. Art projects are being created with intimate photos, art and sexual experiences. Emotional and somatic trauma have also been expressed in spoken interviews. We welcome your artistic expressions of your own holes. This could be literal holes in your body as well as ‘holes’ or vortexes in your psychic being. All genders and sexual orientations and ages are encouraged to join our conversation and inquiry.” Submissions must be made by the deadline Sept 1 for the 2018 Ollom Art Gala (must be received by this date). See the form below. 

Ollom Art/Prismatic Productions Inc. is an interdisciplinary art company founded by choreographer and author John Ollom and Jim Sable. They are seeking submissions of works of art that include but is not limited to: interdisciplinary works, performance art, poetry, fiction, essays, and artwork. Selected works will be exhibited at their annual Ollom Art Gala in New York City in November 2018. Accepted work may also be included in an anthology or catalog. Previously published work accepted. No length limit per written piece; maximum 3 written work samples per person. If your works are able to be sold, you can sell them at either event. We provide the place for you to expose your work to our friends and supporters from across the United States.

You gain exposure, sell your work, meet new artists, form collaborative connections, and support our growing artistic community from all over the United States. We get to celebrate the arts and raise money for our future events.

We encourage you to show your most authentic voice and take risks in your art making.

Current MFA students are encouraged to share their work with us, as well as alumnae of MFA programs.

If you are chosen to show with our featured artists, we will send you an email with more details. Food and drink are provided for the evening along with a dance party, live performances and the presentation of our chosen art. Chosen artists will be allowed to enter for FREE, but any and all guests must buy tickets to the Ollom Art Gala.  For each submission we will explain about any fees for showing works.

Please note: If your work needs special handling, you may be required to do your own set up within the few hours before the event begins and take down of your art work at the end of the event.

Please fill out the form below to submit to our curator, John Ollom.

Submissions must be received by midnight Sept 1 for the gala . We will respond to all selected artists after the deadline.

If you would like to be a part of John Ollom’s own submission for “The Hole Project” please find more information on John Ollom’s website at

And if you want to see more about our company here.



Ollom Art’s mission is a division of the not-for-profit 501 (c)3 corporation, Prismatic Productions, Inc., which was formed in 2003 to advance public interest in and understanding of issues of diversity; to educate, instruct and present to the public diverse art forms through performance, educational classes, symposiums, lectures, festivals, and similar activities; and, to provide artists of diverse backgrounds and forms with a forum to expose their works to the public.