Yenick M. Gonzalez (Poet)


Yenick M. Gonzalez is a first-generation-born American but identifies herself as a true Dominicana or “Dominican York” Her parents were born and raised in the Dominican Republic but migrated to the United States in their teens. Yenick was the first in her family to graduate from college and earned her Master’s in Creative Writing. Her poems come from her own struggles with self-identity as a woman, a mother, and as a Latina. She is greatly influenced by writers such as Emily Dickenson, Julia de Burgos, Virginia Wolf, Salome Urena, and Sylvia Plath. “Words can be such a moving element. The strong can cry; the weak can find courage and the hopeless find hope. It can sound beautiful and pastoral or cause such regretful disparity.”

She hopes to one day join the few Latinx writers who have won the Pulitzer prize in Literature. 

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20th Anniversary Celebration

The poems I am including are in-tune with mother nature; earthly, strong, gentle, motherly, and very feminine just like the floral paintings and art that are on display and just as visual in your mind. 


“The Coven”, “My First Gift”, “The Lotus”, “Amazona Awake”, “Four Little Bunnies”, “Nas Daily”, “The Departure of Aunt Flo”, “Exhume Mind”, “Dream Mode”, “The Man with a Hat and a Tan”, and “Canonize Me”

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