Vaughan Grey (Cinematographer)

2018 Festival

Forbidden Films Second Place Trophy

Vaughan created a short experimental film Pierced Heart from the works presented at “The Hole Project” in Phoenix, Arizona. The film has won second place in the 1st Annual Forbidden Films Experimental Challenge Screening and was also recently screened at the Jerome Indie Film Festival in September 2018.

We are honored to present the world premiere of Inside The Hole Project, a short subject (and subjective) documentary video that explores the origins and ambiguities of John Ollom’s 2018 daring interdisciplinary art project, “The Hole Project.” Filmed at its reception at Totem Yoga Studio in Phoenix, Arizona in May 2018, the documentary uses an impressionistic style to document the myriad of mediums and singular artistic visions that served John Ollom’s healing vision of body acceptance and unity. Using filmed interviews and samples of nearly every component that was commissioned for the installation, the documentary will leave the viewer yearning to open themselves up to experience the installation for themselves…in person, of course! The film was selected as part of the 2019 A Night of Misfit Films Festival.


Vaughan Grey is a visual artist, actor, model, video director, writer, poet, photographer, DJ, massage therapist, editor, activist, producer, promoter, podcast host, and nude yoga/meditation aficionado. He has been making unconventional, zero-budget video projects ever since he got his hands on a clunky VHS camcorder with an incompetent battery in the mid-1990s. He was inspired by the New York, European, and Asian underground film scenes to keep highlighting controversial and provocative subject matters in an abstract way. His videos have won awards and been featured in various film festivals in Arizona, Los Angeles, Florida, and Hawaii. He recently edited horror/sci-fi film director/producer Harry Tchinski’s how-to guide on feature film distribution, It’s in the Can, Now What?, which is available on In addition to his video and performing work, he produces the podcasts, ShudderCast and Cinema Parnormo with LA-based film director Jose Ho-Guanipa, which discusses horror films from around the world. He recently launched the fictional podcast horror-drama, What Happened at Great Times Amusements? with novelist/musician Em Leonard. His current goal is to finally produce and self-distribute a feature film after so many years of making short videos and, maybe, find time to try directing experimental live theater. He also enjoys streaming series and frequenting a good goth club.

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