Shirley Hardie (Movement Artist)


I started my dance career in High School where I learned the Graham technique, as well as the Ailey technique. After graduating from High School, I continued my dance studies at Carnegie Hall where I met Alonso Castro, who taught ballet and the Limon technique.  Alonso later became my choreographer, with The Alonso Castro Dance Theatre, Inc.  While in his company, I was able to work with choreographers such as: Marvin Gordon, Pilar Gomez, Larry Crabtree, and I performed in many Operas with Tony Amato, of the Amato Opera House.  In 2004, I started ballet classes with John Ollom and then went on to doing John’s Ollom Art workshops for the past 12 years – throughout the U.S.  I have done many performances under John using his Internal Landscapes© and I am presently working with John in his new pieces.  I have also served on the Board of Directors of the Prismatic Productions, Inc./Ollom Art.

2020 – Haus of Ollom (Movement Artist)

In Memoriam – Tribute to Orlanda Cuevas

2019 – Haus of Ollom Experience (Movement Artist)

Composition No. 3

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