Rod Love Schichtel (Multi-media Artist)


Rod Love Schichtel is a multi-media artist, craftsman, and healer. Rod is an artist on a mission to spread love and positive energy through his creative work. He is a true renaissance man. Everything he touches turns to Art!

His unique blend of visual art with multi-layered affirmations has both the art and healing communities taking notice. His artworks are created with the intention of inspiring and uplifting his audience, and many of them feature video screens playing time-lapse footage of the creation process. This allows viewers to witness the intricate layers of messages within each piece, revealing Rod’s dedication to his work.

Beyond his artwork, Rod is also a skilled craftsman with expertise in many aspects of design and building. His commitment to making the world a better place has also led him to design energetic gemstone jewelry and to offer Affirmation Coaching Sessions. 

Rod’s passion for art and healing stems from his own personal journey of healing from trauma. His artwork has played a major role in his own healing process, and he is driven to share his work with others in the hopes that it will help them on their own healing journeys.

Rod Love Schichtel has a unique approach to art and healing, and is dedicated to being a beacon of love and light, serving the world through his creations and the messages and energy they bring.


20th Anniversary Celebration

One of Rod Love Schichtel’s true “happy places” has always been painting landscapes. Rod (Love 3 Artist) is a nature lover and experiences ecstasy at the sight of a breathtaking view. Oceans, mountains, and forests all speak to his soul and call out to be represented in his artwork. His work reflects his connection to the natural earth and its beauty. Snowscapes are especially inspiring to Rod. His triptych “Winter Triplets” on display at One Art Space is an example of an ecstatic creation. Rod’s piece titled “Releasing” was inspired by an autumn forest dropping its leaves. Many of those leaves became part of the piece. Rod will be completing his triptych entitled “Creative Impulses” at a Live Painting event at Landscapes. As its final image (a fantasy landscape) is created live, a “hidden” raised message on the canvas will appear, revealing verses about the connection and healing power of creativity. Come see it happen!

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