Lindsay Metcalf (Artist)

2017 Gala

My current body of work, “Conversations”, seeks to examine the relationship between my creative work and past journals connected to depressive episodes. It is through this work that I seek to establish the role of this life experience, as well as seek connection with others who are looking to do the same. I am currently seeking out individuals who would be willing to participate in the maiden voyage of this journey, and join me in a space where we examine these experiences through the lens of creativity.


Lindsay Metcalf is an interdisciplinary artist originally from upstate New York, currently based in Austin, Texas. She received her BA at Binghamton University and her MFA at Goddard College. Currently, Lindsay serves as adjunct faculty at St. Philips College in San Antonio, works with Print Austin, and holds membership in the Southern Graphics Conference of Printmaking. Lindsay has exhibited work nationally. Through alternative printmaking techniques, mixed media, and works in wax, her work seeks to explore the connection between corporeal experience and the process of art creation.
“I am a process artist in constant collaboration with chance and intuition. I seek to work with my materials in symbiosis, allowing them to speak and create life of their own.”

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