Jendi Reiter (Writer, Workshop Presenter)


Jendi Reiter

Jendi Reiter is the author of the novel Two Natures (Saddle Road Press, 2016), the short story collection An Incomplete List of My Wishes (Sunshot Press, 2018), and four poetry books and chapbooks, most recently Bullies in Love (Little Red Tree, 2015). Two Natures won the Rainbow Award for Best Gay Contemporary Fiction and was a finalist for the Book Excellence Awards and the Lascaux Prize for Fiction. Reiter is the editor of, an online resource site with contests and markets for creative writers.


2020 Haus of Ollom – Workshop Presenter

The Devil, The Tower and the Star Workshop [with Neena Massey]

In this online workshop we will explore our experiences of disruptive change and renewal, through the framework of a three-card progression in the Tarot’s Major Arcana. Our intention is to inspire you to make your own cards for self-reflection and group readings.

2019 Haus of Ollom Experience – Workshop Presenter

Making Oracle Cards to Overcome Creative Blocks

In this multimedia exercise for overcoming emotional blocks to creativity, we will make oracle cards from collage materials to encourage risk-taking in our writing. By embracing the serendipity of found materials, and exchanging our anonymous creations with other workshop members, we can playfully explore our feelings around giving and receiving inspiration.

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