Jae XYZ (Movement Artist)

Haus of Ollom Experience – Compostion No. 3

Jae XYZ is a NYC based queer rights advocate and performance artist from Fargo, North Dakota. Their art is centered around the topics of the queer experience, toxic masculinity, healing from sexual violence, and childhood trauma. Jae believes in the healing power of the arts and its ability to connect audiences with their inner selves. They have collaborated with queer artists such as fashion photographer Aaron Kickass, the drag kid super star Desmond is Amazing, NYC queen Sutton Lee Semour, and Dwane A. Townsend who is a recurring actor on the hit FX television series “Pose”. Recently, Jae XYZ was featured in the MSNBC documentary ‘Rebellion! Stonewall’ in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and appeared in CNN’s ‘Great Big Story’ which covered the art of Desmond is Amazing. Jae had the honor of representing the state of North Dakota in the pride march for NYC’s World Pride 2019. Jae would like to thank the Haus of Ollom for their love, encouragement, and gracious support. To all the audience members experiencing this performance, may you be filled with the love and light that guides you on your journey of healing…XOXO

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