Fiorella Armando (Movement Artist)


Movement artist, dancer, reiki practitioner, creative passionate and empathetic soul.…
Originally from Uruguay. I began my journey with Ollom Art in 2019, after moving to New York, the place I have chosen as home as I seek growth as a person and artist, while connecting, sharing and exchanging with diverse people and experiences.    

Ollom Art provides a safe and encouraging environment that allowed me to express myself and to go deep in my self-knowledge search in different aspects. As well as a network of diverse members with the same desire to search for their own individual expression using interdisciplinary art, sharing it and supporting others.   

I personally experience art and spirituality as two connected paths. Working with John Ollom’s  Internal Landscapes© methodology, gives me the opportunity to explore and work with both aspects. This is a unique experience because it allows me to recognize and integrate different aspects and parts of myself as a whole and complex human being. My desire is to encourage healing through body movement, investigating how this takes place in myself and to use this knowledge and experience to support other’s growth, healing and free expression.

20th Anniversary Celebration

This year Fiorellla is presenting a special movement art piece based on her abuela and the lavender fields of her childhood home called “Bella Unión”

Fiorella is a dancer from Bella Unión, Uruguay. She started her dance journey at the age of five, learning Latin Rhythms with a focus on Samba technique at S&S Academy, with the teacher Shirley Scaraffony. She started performing samba at the age of seven with Escuela de Samba Titanitos, where she became a passista and prize winner dancer later in her teenage years. Starting at the age of ten and all through her High School years, she studied Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance and Bellydance at BU Dance Academy with the teacher Susana Gomez de Dubarry, having the opportunity to participate in dance competitions, and to perform soloist and principal roles in classical and jazz repertoire. After High School, she continued her dance education in the city of Montevideo, while she also studied Biological Sciences at University of the Republic. 

During this period, she received professional training as a dancer and teacher in the Cuban Ballet methodology, at the Cuban Ballet School of Montevideo and Ballet Avant, and performed with La Octava Posición contemporary ballet group, under the direction of Erin Nieto Aladro (former Soloist and Ballet Master with National Ballet of Cuba). She was also selected to study at the National School of Dance SODRE, where she received professional training in Contemporary Dance during three years. During this time, Fiorella also worked as a guest dancer, teacher and choreographer, in dance productions and workshops in her hometown. 

After receiving a scholarship for Vassiliev Academy of Classical Ballet training program, she moves to NYC to train at this school and at Ballet Arts Center for Dance. 

Fiorella is a company member of Ollom Art since 2019 and has been studying the Internal Landscapes technique with John Ollom. She has been an Ollom Art board member since 2021. She has also performed with SunProject dance group, American Liberty Ballet, American Ballet Russe, Pure Samba, and as a freelance dancer in diverse styles in the NYC area.

2020 Haus of Ollom (Movement Artist)

How to Time Space Travel

2019 – Haus of Ollom Experience (Movement Artist)

Composition No. 3

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