Emily Stedman (Artist)


Emily Stedman is a New York City artist whose oil and watercolor paintings explore imagined narrative memories. Born in New York City and raised in various places in the United States and France, Emily’s diverse upbringing has influenced her art. Her work has been shown in galleries, museums, and collections, including The Brooklyn Museum and Historic Northampton Museum. She is represented at NOHO/M55 Gallery in New York City. Emily has also participated in public art projects, such as being named Painter-in-Residence at Bryant Park and creating a street art mural for the City of Yonkers. Emily received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Illinois Wesleyan University and her Master of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, where she studied under Jacob Lawrence. The current series of eight 26” x 40” watercolors on display captures the essence of nature in a unique and abstract manner. Rather than simply reproducing landscapes, the creative process here involves using the medium of watercolor to evoke the feeling of being surrounded by the natural world. These paintings aim to capture the movement and fluidity of nature, from the gentle rustle of leaves to the delicate fluttering of petals. The latest series, featured as part of Landscapes, focuses on creating intricate, flower-like shapes that draw the viewer’s eye and invite closer inspection. By playing with scale and perspective, the viewer is encouraged to appreciate the beauty of nature on a smaller, more intimate level.
Ultimately, the current series is a celebration of nature and the intricate patterns and shapes that can be found within it. These watercolors aim to encourage others to pause and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us every day.

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20th Anniversary Celebration

My watercolor paintings are a perfect fit for the theme of Landscapes as they offer a unique perspective on the natural world. Through the use of intricate, flower-like shapes that seem to burst forth from the canvas, my paintings create a sense of immersion that is both internal and external. By placing the viewer at the center of the landscape, my art invites them to explore the intricate patterns and shapes that make up the natural world.
As an artist, I recognize that the world can be a dark and difficult place, full of violence and suffering. However, I choose to focus my creative energy on the landscape and the natural world, which offer a sense of beauty and tranquility that is eternal and universal. By celebrating the beauty of the landscape, I hope to create a sense of positivity and hope that transcends the darkness of the world around us.

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