Cecilia Bucca (Book Sculpture)

My work encompasses the world of language, poetry, color, form, printmaking and sculpture. Collage, book installation, photography and altered books all hold sway in my imagination. There is a wonderful sense of iconoclastic glee that comes over me when I alter a book. Altered books are, for me, “reliquaries” holding ideas, thoughts and aspirations. Connected to ideas, language, and communication, the altered book becomes a doorway to another world. Working on and with books I like to describe a narrative of sorts – one that the viewer has to complete in the spaces between imagination and cognition. The altered books remain a way to work within the confines of the rectangle while re-imagining a small world. I encourage the viewer to look into the spaces in between the images, and contemplate the world that lies there. The books and collages traverse written word, images, printmaking and painting. The viewer is given scraps of information, but the completion of the idea must be realized individually. As the viewer is drawn into every quadrant of the image, a story begins to unfold. Space becomes narrative, narrative becomes story, and story becomes myth. In creating myth I am creating truth.


Cecilia Bucca is an artist and educator living in Vermont. She was educated at Frostburg University, Hartford Art School, Massachusetts College of Art (Bennington Campus) and Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. She received her Master’s of Fine Arts through Goddard College. She is a recipient of the Skidmore Summer 6 Fellowship and residency. She creates artist’s books, paints, draws and works in collage and mixed media. Her blog is http://ceciliabuccam.blogspot.com

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