Camille Paccaly (Sculptor)

2017 Gala

Works presented include:

“Holding Around” Manipulated thrown pottery. Displays an abstract embrace while retaining the shape of a thrown utilitarian vessel.

“A Look Into Shame” Thrown Pottery with figure. Displays a hooded figure interacting with an overarching ceramic vessel.

“Losing Your Head” Plaster cast with fibers and wood. An obese woman is displayed nude and beheaded on a platform.

“Supporting Embrace” Plaster. A couple embracing, an insight on the roles of each person in the embrace.
“Over the Edge” Plaster and wood. An overweight man seems to teeter precariously in his sleep.


Camille Paccaly works with the figure, and themes of apprehensive and universal human emotions. Small figures seems to struggle or experience their own personal dilemmas. The relationships these beings have with themselves and others, are meant to reflect the small intimate moments we experience in everyday life, and may not choose to talk about. Works tend to display feelings of pride, shame, and toxic need. Camille has been working with the figure in printmaking since 2010, and started working with figures in sculpture in 2015.

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