Gloria Castillo (Movement Artist – Board Member)

Haus of Ollom Experience – Breaking Resistance: Ominira (Yoruba meaning for Liberation)

When Africans were enslaved in Cuba, they managed to keep their religious beliefs alive and demonstrate resistance by cunningly/secretively hiding their orishas/deities behind the Christian statues their colonists worshipped. This performance piece signifies the overarching presence of structured faith and the goddess flow of energy that overpowers the soul and LIBERATES the individual from such dogma: OMINIRA!


I am proud and honored to join Prismatic Productions, Inc./ Ollom Dance Theatre. Participating in Ollom Art, has afforded me the personal time to be creative, release stress, and build confidence with the guidance and support of John Ollom, Artistic Director. I am a woman of a “certain curve”, and when I experience mindful fitness and wellness with movement, it nourishes my mind, body and spirit. With the loving support and encouragement from my husband, my goal is to help de-sensitize people around fat phobia and promote positive self-awareness to, and have an impact on others who face similar body challenges. My girth is my armor of courage, as it represents a patchwork of stories that helped to create it…so I am reclaiming and reinterpreting me through the healing art of dance!