New York Blooms 2022 Calendar

Sample of the 2021 Calendar – 2022 being created soon

We are pleased to announce a wonderful opportunity for our donors. By popular demand, Jim Sable is creating a special New York Blooms 2022 Calendar to help raise monies for Ollom Art.

This calendar is created from a small sample of the photos taken by Jim Sable in Inwood, NY during the 2020-2021 pandemic. The beauty of nature is a calming experience which many people are not able to experience while they are isolated at home. We hope these images bring a little bit of nature’s beauty into your home throughout 2022.

This limited edition calendar is available to any Haus of Ollom visitor with a minimum $25 dollar donation. This 28-page calendar includes 49 pictures of floral blooms, a special time zone calendar and a special notes page. Every calendar will be mailed by USPS Priority Service starting this Fall. There is no extra charge for delivery. and can only be mailed within the USA.

Click on the link below to donate and receive your special calendar. Please write in the comments if you want multiple calendars.

Images from the New York Blooms 2021 Calendar are below.