Jeannette Hardie (Artist)

“Our Connections to Mother Earth”  –  pencil sketches relating to nature.


Jeannette Hardie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Goddard College.  She is an artist and a dance instructor for children.  Performed with The Alonso Castro Dance Theater; Marvin Gordon Group and currently with Ollom Art.  She has choreographed dance works entitled “Women’s Anguish” about the mental, physical and sexual abuse suffered by women and  “4 Elements” to bring awareness of global warming by using the Internal Landscape© methodology.  Visual work will premiere at the 2017 Ollom Art Gala. Her creations are built on our relationship to nature (Earth Mother). She is researching a super connection with women through female empowerment and the roots of the goddess. I have been training under John Ollom, MFAI for over ten years with Internal Landscapes© & Spirit of Color© methodology.